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New trends in the tourist market
Tourist industry today is a huge market that offers unforgettable impressions. This industry is alive, it reacts to events of the world politics, economy, culture, and changes in response to consumer demands. Tourists' demands are growing and changing every year. What was good 10-15 years ago, do not satisfies any more tourists demands now. Today travellers prefer to havea rest with families / groups of friends in a comfortable and free atmosphere.

Growing demand for holidays in high class residences in Turkey
The easiest solution in this situation has become booking of residences inside of big complexes with huge facilities for leisure where everything can be adjusted maximum to tourists' wishes. Developing our activities in this direction, which is not a simple one, Tolerance Club sets as its goal organizing primarily high-quality individual holidays in luxurios residences in Turkey in Turkey.

Unique Offer from "Tolerance Club"
Our main clients are tourists who are having a rest with families or as groups of relatives, wishing to relax in the company of friends, who prefer solitude and privacy and planning a longer stay, a month or even more. Such kind of holidays is becoming increasingly popular, and one of the main reasons for this is the cost, which is much lower compared with accommodation at a hotel.

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Payment methods for agencies
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